machìna : biography

machìna is a Korean artist working and operating out of Tokyo.

Her musical development has led her to explore the realms of sound and texture with an

eclectic collection of gear. Her recent work is all about the fusion of abstract sounds with

deeply engaging lyrical content.

Personally she is motivated by the pursuit of a harmony between layers of technology,

time and emotion. Her live set up is based around a modular system with live voice oscillator

and analogue synthesizer. She improvises with live sampling and vocals to create an

encompassing sound experience.

machìna  released her first full length LP in Japan in 2017 and in March 2018 released a

demo of her latest work on tape, titled Reboot. In this time she has been busy touring, with

highlights of this year including playing at SXSW in March, Super Booth Berlin in May, and

being selected as one of the top 5 performances of Mutek Japan by Resident Advisor this

November. In Japan she has also worked closely with brands such as Shiseido and Ableton,

who have been keen to collaborate artistically to promote her unique position in the

world of electronic music.

2018 March 
machìna × Shiseido Collaboration documentary movie

2017 summer
MV "at Love"  "The Hollywood Dreamz 2017 Award"  Best Music Video Finalist

“TOKYO COMET” Movie SoundtrackMOON CINEMA PROJECT ( Presents
Original Short Film “TOKYO COMET” (Coming to theaters and on demand in 2018)
International Trail